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Flash Cards to help with revision for Section 3 of Russia in the Edexcel GCSE course. I hope they help!

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Section 3: Russia and the nature of Stalin's dictatorship By Shannon Ramessar
When did Lenin die? 1924
Who were the seven main members of the Politburo? Stalin, Trotsky, Rykov, Bukharin, Tomsky, Zionviev and Kaminev.
How did Lenin expect russia to be ruled after he died? By the whole Politburo, no one in particular.
What were Stalin's strengths? He could be charming, he was very clever, he was a good planner & organiser and the was Secretary General so he chose people's job so people had to be nice to him.
What were Stalin's weaknesses? He was very short tempered, suspicious, he had mood swings (like the bipolar kind) and he shared a different ideology to Lenin as Stalin believed in Socialism in One country while Lenin believed in world Communism.
What is the first mistake that Trotsky made? He was a bit stupid so when Lenin died, he was not in Moscow (which was not really his fault), however he did not make it to Lenin's funeral, some historians believe that this is because Stalin told him the wrong date.
How did he get rid of Trotsky? Stalin spread rumours about him such as that he just inhibited the Politburos work and that Lenin never really approved of him. He also lessened support by allying with Kamenev and Zionviev who made sure that Lenin's testament was never read and that he wasn't sacked from his position.
What did the OGPU deal with? Political crimes, basically opposition to the state.
What was the OGPU's power like? Very powerful, they could send people to prison without a trial and get confession in anyway that they liked and this included torture.
What were prison camps often used for? Cheap labour.
Why did Stalin create the purges? Because he feared growing opposition (paranoid much?) HE WANTED TO DESTROY HIS ENEMIES (ooooo scarryyy DX)
Who did Stalin purge? Teachers (because he was scared of them...jk... because he believed that children should be brainwashed from a young age into essentially worshipping him... fun times...) , the Politburo, the communist party, the armed forces, the secret police, industrial workers, engineers and scientist.
What happened to the PUURRRGGEDDD????? They were either executed, exiled abroad or exiled to a gulag (a prison camp)
What was the main reason for the show trials beginning? Kirov a Politburo member was murdered... DUN DUN DDDDUUUNNNN
What were the show trials? These the trials where the verdict was already decided to be guilty, this was done to show the public what great justice that Stalin was doing bring all the bad people in. This trials conveyed how corrupt Russia was in this time period.
What were the importance of the show trials? (sounds like an IR question but yano) Ordinary people didn't know how unfair these trials were, and those accused usually confessed. The trials suggested there was danger towards the revolution inside the SU and the trials scared the living hell out of anyone. However in my opinion, I think those in the show trials were tortured into confessing as their confessions are too good to be legit, e.g. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/modern-world-history-1918-to-1980/russia-1900-to-1939/the-show-trials-in-the-ussr/ scroll down on this link to see people's confessions.
What were the effects of the purges? They created an atmosphere of fear and suspicion as people did;t know who they could truat, yet this created resentment towards the government. People didn't trust the justice system. 1 million were killed and 7 million were sent to prison. Skilled workers were removed from factories and it produced a government entirely loyal to stalin... great...
What did Stalin use Propaganda for? to turn people against his enemies, to get people to accept his decisions, to get people to put up with their various hardships, to get people to work hared and to build up a scarily amazing cult of stalin.
What were the various types of Propaganda used? Newspapers, posters, banners, poems, songs, books, radio broadcasts.
Where were the posters and banners and stuff put in propaganda? Buildings, shop windows, trains, trams literally everywhere.
What were usually in these propaganda pictures and stuff? Stalin with workers and children being happy from many places in Russia, this showed how wide spread his power was and how many people liked him.
What was education under Stalin like? Terrible! Even the Bolsheviks tried harder (they tried to decrease illiteracy in Russia), but Stalin instead thought that school was a place to spread propaganda and if teachers did not teach the Stalinist view, they would be purged. History had to be taught the way that Stalin wanted it to.
What did Stalin encourage at school? For children to denounce family and friends. Those children who were suspected to be in families to were suspected to being enemies of the state were bullied... thats low... even for Stalin
What was the Cult of Lenin? It was created by Stalin to make Lenin be like God after his death as Lenin was widely respected and loved by everyone. Stalin created this as the sort of him himself in the face of Lenin which made hime seen even more important.
Was there a Cult of Stalin? Yes. HE WAS EVERYWHERE. His pictures and articles about making the world a better place.
What was the 1936 Constitution praised of being? The most democratic system in the world... which is weird because I thought that russia was supposed to be communist :/
Why was the 1936 Constitution set up? As mostly an illusion, to make people fell like that had power when they really didn't, it is also believed that is was used as propaganda by Stalin as many foreign countries thought that democracy was a good thing.
What was the 1936 constitution? The country was apparently run by the Supreme soviet, people could vote for people to join this and it gave people some rights.
What was the official culture? Stalin wanted to create a culture of social realism. he wanted people to produce low culture so everyone could understand it. Therefore everyone would understand os power.
What happened to you if you didn't produce low enough? You would become an enemy of the people and you would fall out of favour, unless you did something to get back in favour.
How did Stalin change the past? He censored it.
Why did Stalin censor the past? So people would ever learn about the influence of people like Trotsky so people would view them as their one and only leader. It would acted as a warning to all other opponents. Would you rather give up your beliefs which are going to get you killed anyway or lose your identity, past, who you are...?
How did Stalin censor the past? He blotched out peoples faces from pictures or removed them completely and destroyed many books and documents.
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