Shooting Plan for micro-production

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Shooting plan for media micro-production

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Shooting Plan In order to stay organised with filming, we made a shooting plan to stick to so we do not get confused or missing anything whilst filming. We're filming all on the same day and within a couple of hours if possible.
First Shots Phone shots - We'll do the phone shots at the same time, so we don't forget any
Second Shots Then, we'll begin to film the shots of the girls close ups - This means that the editing process will be easier as she'll look similar and the lighting will be the same
Third Shots We'll then film the nature shots, of flowers, trees, rivers and so on. Again, meaning that we know we have enough shots of nature to add in between and the editing is easier
Fourth Shots For the fourth shots, we'll film the Bob Dylan inspired lyrics. As these aren't crucial to involve, yet add variation to the piece. Again, allowing editing to the easier.
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