Bryophytes - Liverwort, Hornwort, Mosses, and FERNS(not bryo)


some of the ones from plant diversity
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SELAGINELLA branching structure. lycopodiophyta
SCOURING RUSH HORSETAIL Large, leaves at the node Strobili that can occur at the joint. Fern ally
Common Horsetail has branches. fertile stem is all brown with a strobili. Fern Ally
Christmas fern flat leaves no pinnae. fertile frond is that same look Fern
sensitive fern has wavy leaves, not fully pinnae. fertile frond is a different piece with strobili makes red fiddle heads Fern
Walking fern has sori on bottom
Common Liverwort has pores not stomata. only one with gemmae cups. has rhizoids under it. Hepaticophyta
Snakeskin Liverwort darker green with hexagonal markings with a ringed pore in the center Hepaticophyta
Sphagnum Moss True Bryophyte can be found in mats and grow near water
Mnium Moss True Bryophyte carpet moss is a little smaller than sphagnum and has different repro parts.
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