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Where are File security options? File>Info>Protect document
How do you protect PDF documents When the export panel is open to create a PDF select options and check the box encrypt the document with a password
How do you restrict people from copying your documents? Use Restrict access from Protect Document file options
Why would you mark a document as Final? So that no further changes can be made by anyone
How do you control the size of PDF files that you make for sharing online? Select the 'minimum' option in the file export panel when you save as PDF
what is the best way to ensure that people see your document as designed on any device share as a PDF file
What might be lost if you share your files as standard word files? Special features from your version of word and custom fonts or styles may not look the same on older or compatible apps
How would you safely share a password for a secure document? Send it via another device as text, voice message or picture
What makes a poor password? Whole words, too short, birthdays, names, no #!$ or other symbols
How can you make Word files smaller when they are saved? Compress all pictures, embed as few fonts as possible, use page styles for all pages
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