Bone Histology and Structure

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Periostium Bones Outer Lining
Endostium Inner Lining of the Bone
Periostial Artery Provides periostium and compact bone
Nutrient Artery Pierces compact bone & supplies medullary cavity, spongy bone & deeper compact bone
Epipysis Top and bottom of long bone (spongy bone)
Metaphysis Actively dividing area that increases bone length
Diaphysis Long thin part of long bone (contains mostly compact bone)
Epiphyseal artery Supplies epiphysis with blood
Metaphyseal artery Supplies metaphysis with blood
Bone is made of... A calcified extracellular matrix and bone cells
What determines flexibility in bone? Collagen
Skeletal system is divided into two parts- what are they Axial & Appendicular Skeleton
Osteoblasts in the epiphyseal plate... Increase bone length
Osteoblasts in the inner/outer periostium... Increase bone width
Spongy bone histology No specific structure
Why are there spaces between trebaculae? To allow for bone marrow
Spongy bone with a thin layer of compact bone is usually found in... Short/flat/irregular bones
Bone formation begins at... 6 weeks (in a fetus)
Mesanchyme Cells Potentially differentiate into bone cells
2 Methods of fetal bone formation.... Endochondral and Intramembranous
Endochondral Bone Formation Develops on a cartilaginous model
Spongy and compact bone form together/separately Separately
When bone formation is nearly complete, what part is still cartilage? The epiphyseal plate
Lesser Trachauter Appears 13-14 years Fuses 18th year
Head of Long Bone Appears 1st Year Fuses 18th Year
Lower Extremity Begins in fetus- 9 months Fuses 20th year
Greater Trachauter Appears 4th Year Fuses 18th Year
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