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KS3 RM Command words.

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ANNOTATE add notes or labels to a design or diagram to explain what it shows
COMPARE look for ways in which features or functions are similar or different.
DEFINE explain what something means
DESCRIBE give details about what a product does, or diagram shows.
DISCUSS usually wants a long answer, describing and giving reasons for or explaining arguments for and against.
DRAW a sketch or diagram with labels to explain something.
EXPLAIN or ACCOUNT FOR give reasons for the appearance or function of something.
FACTORS reasons for the functions of a product. E.G. Function-storage Factors-customer wants to store gadgets safely and securely.
Give your (or somebody else’s) view say what you or a particular group think about something, for example we should not use non-sustainable materials in the workshop.
IDENTIFY name, locate, recognize or select a particular feature or features, usually from a sketch, product or tool/process.
Name, state, list give accurate details or features.
STUDY look carefully at a sketch, product, photo, table, diagram etc. and say what it shows.
With reference to /refer to examples you have studied - give specific details about your case studies.
Analyse Explain the main ideas of the subject, show why they are important and how they are related.
Conclude Make a decision after reasoning something out.
Justify Give good reasons for offering an opinion or reaching a conclusion.
Outline Concentrate on the main bits of the topic or item.
Summarise Give the main points of an idea or argument. Leave our unnecessary details.
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