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Father: my forever motivation to be positive and keep moving. His ability to handle most difficult situations is outstanding and i always learn from him Supporting Partner who helps me to achieve my balance for work and life though it is still in progress and on improvement but no change in efforts being applied Mother: My one call away friend whom I can just pick my phone and talk anything office/personal/nonsense talks and she will always be listening to me providing all possible suggestions which she has
First job through campus recruit: It was a first step for me to enter this fascinated IT world , understand the professional world and put all my efforts in my work First Onsite Assignment: During my 3rd year of professional life I got a chance to go for an onsite assignment , though it was a short duration . That business trip has helped me to grow as a professional understand the importance of communication, meetings, presentation apart from technical skills which was my area of working till then. My First Manager: Venu, my first manager was more of a mentor / friend to me and given me good opportunities for me to grow, learn . He has always suggested me if I was in a fix while working CA Technologies: Being a product company and the culture of transparency that CA has, it has helped to understand high level picture which instead of being limited to a specific area, My role change in my team was a change where i was able to understand the other side of coin ( Management perspective) and make me understand that things are not easy that side also
Team Player: Spends time in guiding and helping others learn and grow.She is readily approachable and goes extra mile to lend a helping hand to team members. She is level headed, soft spoken , helps promote a positive work atmosphere and mingles easily with the project teams
My graduation completion ( university topper ) has helped me to climb the first step of my professional ladder.
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