Development of Cold War Tensions

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Mind map on the developing tensions between the USSR and the West up to around 1960.

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Development of Cold War Tensions
1 Military Alliances
1.1 NATO
1.1.1 Formed in 1949
1.1.2 North Atlantic Treaty Organization
1.1.3 12 original members Aligned with the USA UK, France. Canada
1.2 Warsaw Pact
1.2.1 Set up in 1955
1.2.2 Reaction towards NATO and West Germany's admission
1.2.3 8 Communist members of Eastern Europe
1.2.4 Military component of Comecon
2 Korean War
2.1 Events
2.1.1 Phase 1: North Korea advances to Pusan Phase 2: MacArthur's UN troops land at Inchon, pushing NK to River Yalu Phase 3: 200,000 People's Volunteers cross Yalu and push UN past 38th Parallel Phase 4: American troops and bombers land and pushed NK and Ch to the 38th Parallel Phase 5: MacArthur sacked over A-bomb threat. Eisenhower takes over. Armistice called in 1951 but delayed to 1953
2.2 Tensions
2.2.1 Detonation of H-bomb by both sides
2.2.2 1952 US airstrikes
2.2.3 China's fall into Communism
2.3 Causes
2.3.1 Acheson exludes SK from USA's Strategic Defense Perimeter
2.3.2 UN elects Syngman Rhee NK elects Kim Il Sung
2.3.3 USSR's A-bomb threatens SK and USA
3 Hungarian Uprising
3.1 Oct-Nov 1956
3.2 Events
3.2.1 University students enter Budapest with a list of demands Demonstrations and Writer's Union's 16 Points
3.2.2 Imre Nagy instated as USSR forces kill 100 Nagy gives ultimatum and Soviets leave
3.2.3 A week later, Soviets reinvade Budapest in half a day Kadar instated as Communist leader 4000 Hungarians killed
3.2.4 Nagy hanged
3.3 Tensions
3.3.1 US won either way Fall of Communism if Hungary succeeds Propaganda if Hungary fails
3.3.2 Communists in Western countries left the party
3.4 Causes
3.4.1 Secret Speech by Khrushchev
3.4.2 USSR troops left Austria
3.4.3 Poland Socialist Reform
4 Arms Race and Space Race
4.1 Arms Race
4.1.1 Atom Bomb USA developed it in 1945 Used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki USSR exploded the atom bomb in 1949
4.1.2 Hydrogen Bomb USA detonates an H-bomb in 1952 USSR detonated their H-bomb in 1954
4.2 Space Race
4.2.1 USSR Took an early lead First satellite in space, Sputnik 1957 First man in space, Yuri Gargarin 1961
4.2.2 USA Apollo's man on the moon, Neil Armstrong 1969 Had an Army and Navy space programme Developed ICBMs in 1959
5 Peaceful Co-existence
5.1 Stalin's Death
5.1.1 1953
5.1.2 National mourning despite the Purges
5.1.3 American optimism
5.2 Nikita Khruschev
5.2.1 Took over in 1955
5.2.2 Held talks with Western leaders
5.2.3 Proposed 'peaceful co-existence'

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