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journey (n) a car/train journey (viaje)
fulfill (v) to do something that you have promised to do or that you are expected to do (cumplir, realizar)
accomplish (v) to succeed in doing something good (cumplir, conseguir)
long-term (adj) continuing a long time into the future (a largo plazo)
exertion (n) the use of a lot of physical or mental energy to do something (esfuerzo)
agency (n) refer to as free agency or moral agency (albedrío)
confident (adj) being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future (confianza, seguro)
reliable (adj) Someone or something that is reliable can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect (de confianza)
easygoing (adj) relaxed and not easily upset or worried (de trato fácil, sencillo)
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