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realm-n *Her interests are in the realm of practical politics. * My interests are in the realm of literature. an area of interest or activity
sup'reme-adj *For me, dieting requires a supreme effort of will. *Love reigned supreme in her heart. very great, or the best
'contemplate-v *I'm contemplating going abroad for a year. *It's too awful/horrific/dangerous to contemplate. to think about something seriously for a period of time =consider
bias-n *There has always been a slight bias in favour of/towards employing liberal arts graduates in the company. *Unconscious bias can influence decisions in recruitment, promotion, and performance management. the action of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way, because of allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment =discrimination
'stressor-n *Constant noise can be a stressor something that causes stress (= great worry or emotional difficulty)
reap-v They didn’t reap any benefits from that deal. to obtain or receive something as a result of your own actions
'cultivate-v *Try to cultivate a more relaxed and positive approach to life. *The new prime minister is cultivating relationships with East Asian countries. = to work hard to develop a particular skill, attitude, or quality =to make an effort to develop a friendly relationship with someone, especially someone who can help you
'gratifying -adj *It must be very gratifying to see all your children grown up and happy. *It’s gratifying to note that already much has been achieved. pleasing and satisfying
i'lluminate-v *This article illuminates the basic principles of economics. to make something much clearer and easier to understand
ob'scure-v-n * Two new skyscrapers had sprung up, obscuring the view from her window. to prevent something from being seen or heard
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