Write a sentence for each form of the verb
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Buy Bought Bought 1) My mom likes to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at big supermarkets. 2) I bought my laptop two years ago. 3) Michael has just bought a new car.
See Saw Seen 1)I can't see my Biology scores in the platform. 2) I saw Violet this morning. She was at the train station. 3) I have seen many people walking in the streets without a mask.
Read Read Read 1) I can't read the Whats-app messages every day. 2) She didn't read the instructions to do the assignments. 3) I have read this article three times.
Walk Walked Walked 1) David walks to school every day. 2) I didn't walk to my job this morning. 3) Bryan has walked for three hours.
Have Had Had 1) I have four brothers and six sisters. 2) I had good scores when I was at school. 3) I have had many foreign friends so far.
Help Helped Helped 1) I want to help poor people donating food. 2) My parents helped me paying my studies expenses. 3) The government hasn't helped low income students with technological devices.
Talk Talked Talked 1) I tried to talk to Liam this morning, but I couldn't because he was very busy. 2) I talked to the vice-principal three hours ago. 4) I have already talked to my father about my problems.
Change Changed Changed 1) I am going to change the red jacked I bought yesterday for a blue one. 2) I changed my e-mail password the last week. 3) I have changed my workplaces five times.
Go Went Gone 1) I would like to go to the mall this weekend. 2) John went to the hospital to get the covid-19 vaccine. 3) I have gone to New York five times.
Throw Threw Thrown 1) Many people are used to throw garbage anywhere. 2) I threw away the food waste in the street, so that the stray dogs can eat it. 3) I have always thrown my old clothes in the trash bin.
Improve Improved Improved 1) I need to improve my English pronunciation. 2) The economy of my country improved a little with dollarization. 3) My English speaking has improved a lot by practicing with native English speakers.
Take Took Taken 1) I would like to take a French course this summer. 2) I took many pictures in my last trip to Israel. 3) I haven't taken a driving course yet.
Sleep Slept Slept 1) I sleep eight hours a day. 2) Joe didn't sleep well yesterday. 3) The baby has slept for three hours.
Fix Fixed Fixed 1) I have to fix my classes schedule. 2) Peter fixed my computer yesterday. 3) I have already fixed my medical appointment.
Send Sent Sent 1) I send Whats app messages to my friends every day. 2) The teacher sent me the assignment thirty minutes ago. 3) The bank has send me many e-mail messages offering a loan.
Learn Learned Learned 1) I need to learn English first to travel around the world. 2) I learned to swim when I was at school. 3) I have learned how to use many technological tools during this pandemic.
Waste Wasted Wasted 1) You shouldn't waste money buying unnecessary things. 2) Jason wasted a lot of time hanging out with bad friends. 3) People have wasted a lot of water during covid-19 pandemic.
Give Gave Given 1) My brothers always give me hand when I have difficulties. 2) The president gave a long speech on May 24th. 3) I have given many presents to my mom.
Think Thought Thought 1) I think that health is more important than money. 2) Some Americans thought that Ecuadorians were not hardworking people. 3) I have thought many times about what career to study.
Know Knew Known 1) I want to know the truth about this pandemic. 2) I knew that their marriage was going to fail. 3) I have known my Science teacher for three years.
Sell Sold Sold 1) I would like to sell my country house as soon as possible. 2) Kate sold her car in ten thousand dollars. 3) They haven't sold their merchandise during the pandemic.
Return Returned Returned 1) I want to return to my home land the next year. 2) Alan returned home as soon as possible. 3) My dad hasn't returned from London yet.
Meet Met Met 1) I would like to meet many good people. 2) I met some of my former high school classmates last year. 3) I have never met famous people.
Write Wrote Written 1) I can't write text massages on my cellphone. 2) I wrote my Science project without no grammar and spelling mistakes. 3) Kylie has written three scientific articles so far.
Eat Ate Eaten 1) The doctor advises to eat an apple every day. 2) He ate all the cake by himself. 3) My mom hasn't eat pork for many years.
Work Worked Worked He works in an Electricity company. He worked in building company until 2019. He has worked in an Electricity company for two years.
Study Studied Studied I study at "Victor Gerardo Aguilar" school. I studied at "Luis Cordero" school the last year. I have studied English for six years.
Rain Rained Rained It is going to rain. It rained yesterday. It has rained for two hours.
Travel Traveled Traveled Kate likes to travel a lot. Kate travel to Europe in 2015. Kate has traveled since 2010.
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