Acronyms Structure


Acronyms Structure
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TDP(EO)D(TL)R Today David Purchased Erasers On Debit To Leave Rachel.
L(TT)FERW(BCR) Later Today Toby Found Elephants Roaming Wildy + Big Cats Rampant.
CCSD(VR)T(O)CM Cleo Caught Salmon. Debbie's Vacant Roommate Tom Ordered Cured Mackerel.
What is the acronym for Trespass? TDPEODTLR
What is the acronym for Leases and Licenses? LTTFERWBCR
What is the acronym for Buying and Selling Land? CCSDVRTOCM
What is the short structure for trespass? TDP(EO)D(TL)R 1. Trespass 2. Direct interference. 3. Possession. 3.1 Exclusive possession. 3.2 Ownership of Area. 4. Don't have ownership. 4.1 Three trespass claims. 4.2 License sue trespass? 5. Remedies.
What is the short structure for leases and licenses? L*(TT)FERW*(BCR) 1. Lease or license? 1.1 Type of lease? 1.2 Test for lease? 2. Finite Term 3. Exclusive possession 4. Rent 5. Wrongful cancellation. 5.1 Breach 5.2 Consider (Landlord) 5.3 Relief
What is the short structure for buying and selling land? CCSD(VR)T(O)CM 1. Condition subsequent or condition precedent? 2. Contractual provisions (ADLS) 3. Statutory modifications. 4. Default rules (No ADLS) 4.1 Vendor died. 4.2 Risk of damage. 5. Trespass or damage. 5.1 Options? (ADLS) 6. Caveat 7. Maori Freehold Land.
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