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Vocabulary of unit 1, 2 and 3 SB

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outgoing (adj.) extrovert (adj.)
introverted (adj.) withdrawn (adj.)
captivate (v.) attract, catch (v.)
be taken aback (phr.)
shallow (adj.) superficial (adj.)
endure (v.) tolerate, put up with (v.)
cautious (adj.) careful to avoid problems or dangers (adj.)
tactful (adj.) careful in the way they speak or behave in order not to upset other people
mushroom (v.) grow very quickly and suddenly (v.)
frivolous (adj.) silly, not very important (adj.)
blazing row (phr.) furious argument
account for (phr. v.) be or give an explanation for sth (phr.v.)
conscientious (adj.) working hard and careful to do things well (adj.)
predisposition (n.) a tendency to behave or think in a particular way (n.)
agreeable (adj.) pleasant (adj.)
independent (adj.) self-reliant (adj.)
detest (v.) hate (v.)
susceptible (adj.) easily influenced or affected by sth (adj.)
swear by sth (phr. v.) believe that sth is effective (phr. v.)
set aside (phr. v.) leave sth until later
burn out (phr.v.) work so hard that you are unable to carry on
spring up (phr. v.) appear suddenly
put in (phr. v.) spend time or effort on sth
get over (phr. v.) recover from an illness or sth unpleasant
face up (phr. v.) accept and deal with sth that is difficult or unpleasant
pay off (phr. v.) be successful and bring good results
let down (phr. v.) fail to help or support sb as they had hoped or expected
be at a loose end (phr.) not having anything to do
with any luck (phr.) if things turn out well
by a stroke of luck (phr.) fortunately and unexpectedly
take pot luck (phr.) make a choice risking the outcome
carried away with (phr.) so excited by, or involved in, sth that you don't, notice anything else that is happening around you
broaden your horizons (phr.) extend the limits of your interests and knowledge
dilatory (adj.) slow to do or decide sth (adj.)
obstinate (adj.) stubborn (adj.)
irksome (adj.) annoying or boring (adj.)
defer (v.) rearrange an appointment (v.)
bequeath (v.) to give someone money or property after you die by a legal document called a will
cruel (adj.) ruthless (adj.)
walk over someone (phr. v.) treat someone badly without respecting their feelings
grab the headlines (phr.) been published as an important news
aspiring (adj.) wanting to start the career or activity that is mentioned
out of this world (phr.) extraordinary, exceptional
prohibitive (adj.) so expensive that nobody can afford it
flourish (v.) grow well and be successful
cramped (adj.) uncomfortable because lacking enough space
in layman's term (phr.) in a simple language
pose a risk (v.) cause, create a dangerous situation
hence (prep. FORMAL) for this reason
drawback (n.) disadvantage, inconvenience, downside
what lies in store (idm.) what is going to happen in the future
in the pipeline (idm.) being discussed, planned or prepared to happen or exist soon
leave sth alone (v.) leave sth unchanged
on the cards (idm.) very likely to happen
alluring (adj.) attractive and exciting in a mysterious way
controversial (adj.) subject, opinion, decision that people disagree about or do not approve of
tuck sth into sth (phr.) put sth into a small place especially to hide it
aura (n.) feeling or particular quality that seems to surround a person or a place
what's around the corner (idm.) happening very soon
in the long run (phr.) not immediately, but at some time in the future
base sth on sth (v.) use particular ideas or facts to make a decision, do a calculation, or develop a theory
feed into (phr.v.) put sth (datas...) into a machine
prompt (v.) make sb decide to do sth
prod (v.) persuade or encourage someone to do sth
incite (v.) encourage sb to do sth bad, eg. commit crimes or to be violent
take into account (phr.) consider sth when you're trying to make a decision
deterioration (n.) a state of becoming worse
work out (phr. v.) understand
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