Levels of Organization of Living Things

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S e muestran y explican los niveles de la materia en IDIOMA INGLES

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1-. MOLECULE The molecule is the smallest particle that has all the physical and chemical properties of a substance. Is formed by two or more atoms.
2-. ORGANELLE Structure of the cell surrounded by a membrane that meets certain function: cell membrane, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosome, chloroplast and other.
3-. CELL The cell is the anatomical, functional and genetic unit of living things. The cell is a structure consisting of three basic elements: 1.- plasma membrane, 2. cytoplasm and 3.- genetic material (DNA).
4-. TISSUES Tissues are those structures formed by an organized set of cells.
5-.ORGAN Grouping of various tissues that form a structural unit which was responsible for the enforcement of a particular function within an organism shape.
6-.SYSTEMS Set of similar organs organized to fulfill a function.
7-.DEVICE Set of coordinated systems to fulfill a function.
8-.PERSON One or more celululas characterized by a type of genetic information.
9-. POPULATION Individos in one place.
10-.COMMUNITY The living beings lived in a particular ecosystem form the community
11-. ECOSYSTEM Biological system consisting of a community of living beings and the natural environment in which they live.
12-. BIOSPHERE Layer consisting of water, land and a thin air mass in which living organisms develop.
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