Gold Star Tap Theory

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Name one thing the examiner will look for in the ankle rhythm combination Active use of ankles, well controlled ankles, relaxed knees, use of light and shade
What type of rhythm will we hear in the pick ups and step ball heel step Steady rhythm
How is the body held Knees well relaxed and body height maintained
What is an alternating wing A wing that changes fete after the inward and outward scrapes
Where did the Maxie originate Named after maxie ford, born 1880, vaudeville dancer, one of four dancing fords
Name one of the various name for this step Maxie, maxie ford, jacknife
Is this step performed on the spot or does it travel On the spot
In the break turns where do you face when executing ball change in second position and ball dig in first parallel Front
What type of turn is executed in the break turns Inward
Where is the working foot held during the turn Pointed and secured to the ankle of the supporting leg
What must be used in the break turns Good use of abdominal muscles and core centre of body
What type of rhythm used in cross rhythm shuffle Syncopated cross rhythm
How does a stamp pick up heel time differ from previous year Starts with stamp, pickup instead of shuffle, heel instead of hop
What is a pick up on one foot Standing on one foot, pick up and land on same foot and finish with heel drop
Does this step travel slightly Yes
In which direction Backwards, diagonally backwards
Where does the pick up occur Directly under centre of body with controlled use of thigh
Does the upper body assist with the movement No it is held upright
How many sound do we hear There with good separation
What will assist with the clarity of beats in pick up Good use of elevation and controlled landing
In the fall over step from side to side are there different directional changes Yes after second spring to face opposite corner
In the ball heel roll deboules list some requirements for correct execution Spotting, relaxed knees, good use of head and arms, use of core centre of body for balance and control
What are the counts for a three beat walk 1&2
What does a three beat walk consist of Forward beat, heel dig, ball drop on same foot
What are the counts for a four beat walk &1&2
What does a four beat walk consist of Forward beat, heel scuff, heel dig, ball drop on same foot
What are the counts for a five beat walk &1&a2
What does a five beat walk consist of R Forward beat, R heel scuff, L heel drop, R heel dig, R ball drop
Is the forward beat in the three four and five beat walks a brush through or digging movement Brush through movement
What are the counts for a six beat walk &a1&a2
What does a six beat walk consist of R Forward beat, R heel scuff, L heel drop, R heel dig, R ball drop, R heel drop
In a heel drop what must be avoided Shunting of the beat
With syncopated rhythms what is most necessary to achieve Effective light and shade
Name one thing the examiner will look for in medley dance Change of personality to coincide with change of music, change of style, change of tempo of beats and suitable steps to compliment the music, presentation
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