process of mummification

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this shows all 10 steps of mummification i hope it helps with the upcoming exam.

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STEP 1 Have your Jackle mask ready so you can dress up as the God Anubus.Learn the prayers and spells from the book of the will need to chant these of the dead body as you work.
STEP 2 Wash the dead body with water and palm wine.
STEP 3 Use a long hook to pull out the brains through the left nostril.Throw them away.
STEP 4 Cut the left side of the stomach and remove the liver,lungs,intestines and stomach.Don't remove the heart as it contains the personality
STEP 5 Cover the internal organs with Natron to absorb all the moisture.Rub the dried organs with oils and resin and wrap them in linen bandages, then push them into Canopic jars.Put each organ in the right jar.
STEP 6 Cover the body with Natron for 40 days to dry.Then, run the dried skin with palm oils and ointments.Pack the stomachs cavity with perfumed linen and sew up the wound .
STEP 7 Place a magic charm over the stomach wound and scarab (beetle-shaped-charm)over the heart. Then wrap the body with linen bandages dipped in gum.Wrap every part separately.You will need about 370 square metres of linen.Put amulets and charms such as anklets in with the bandages.The dead person's soul will need these during the journey to the kingdom of Osiris.
STEP 8 Place a mask made from linen and glue over the persons head and shoulders.If you have time, paint this or cover it in gold leaf.Also place a panel across the top part of the body,decorate with protective symbols and drawings.
STEP 9 Place the wrapped mummy in a body-shaped coffin that has been decorated with jewels,paintings,and inscriptions of spells. Paint the coffin so it looks a bit like the person when he/or she was alive. Be flattering!
FINALLY STEP 10 Tell the relatives the mummy and the Canopic jars are ready for the burial.Your chief priest will need to accompany the funeral procession to the person's tomb so he can conduct the ceremony to open the mummy's mouth. The persons soul needs to talk in the afterlife! Remember the professional murmers will be noisy!
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