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Name the main parts of the earth, starting from its centre. Inner core → Outer Core → Mantle → Crust → Atmosphere
Why should we be careful not to waste the earth's resource's The raw materials and materials we depend on come from the crusts, the oceans and the atmosphere therefore they are limited and will run out.
Name three gases that scientists think were in the Earth's early atmonsphere Carbon Dioxide → Ammonia → Methane
Name Four gases that are now in the atmosphere Carbon Dioxide → Oxygen → Nitrogen → Argon
How did the oceans form? As the earth cooled most of the water vapour condensed to form oceans
What what the effect of algae and plants on the early atmosphere? The amount of carbon dioxide decreased and amount of oxygen increased
What are tectonic plates? The earth's crust and upper part of the mantle is cracked into massive pieces called tectonic plates
Why do tectonic plates move? Because of convection currents in the mantel that are caused by radioactive decay
How much do tectonic plates move in a year and what is this called? A few centimetres → continental drift
What happens at plate boundaries? A huge force builds up, eventually the rocks give in changing shape causing earthquakes, volcanoes or mountains to form.
Why have the amounts of of gases in the atmosphere been the same for almost 200 Million years? Because they was stabilised 200 millions years ago
How are the main gases in the air separated? Fractional distillation
What is used in industry as raw materials? The main gases in the air after being separated by fractional distillation
Why were Wegners ideas not accepted untill the 1960's? Because he could not explain why the continents moved. in 1960 scientists found new evidence.
Why are there so many theories about how life began? Because they are all unproven so we cannot be sure how life began
What did Miller and Urey find in their experiment? That amino acids that were the building blocks for protein, had been produced.
What was Miller and Ureys experiment? They used a mixture of water, ammonia, methane and hydrogen and a high voltage spark to stimulate lightening.
What is meant by 'Primordial Soup'? a solution rich in organic compounds in the primitive oceans of the earth, from which life is thought to have originated.
Why is the fractional distillation of liquid air done industrially? To produce pure oxygen and liquid nitrogen, which have important uses.
Explain briefly how Fractional distillation of liquid is done? The air is cooled below -200ºC and fed into a fractional distillation column → Nitrogen is separated from oxygen and argon and further distillation is used to produced pure oxygen and argon.
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