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Equator An imaginary line that divides the Earth into Northern and southern hemispheres
Continent One of seven large landmasses on the Earth's surface
Delta The triangle-shaped deposit of rich soil at a river's mouth
International Date Line Imaginary line that runs north and south through the Pacific Ocean that begins each day
Large Scale Map A map that shows a small area in great detail
Prime Meridian Imaginary line that divides the earth into the eastern and western hemspheres
Oasis Fertile or green spot in a desert created by underground water coming to the surface
Longitude Imaginary line that divides the Earth 's surface that measures distance east or west of the prime meridian
Projection A way of showing the Earth's curved surface in a flat map
Plateau A high area of flat land
Physical Map A map that shows the landforms (lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts, etc. ) on the Earth's surface
Political Map Used to show human created features on the Earth's surface such as cities, states, and countries
Small Scale Map A map that shows a large area in little detail
Steppe A wide treeless plain
Hemisphere Half of the globe, separated by the equator or prime meridian. They are divided into Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western hemispheres
Landform A feature on the Earth's surface formed by physical force
Desert A region with plants specially adapted
Latitude Imaginary lines on the Earth's surface that measures distance north of sound of the equator
Glacier A large, slow-moving mass of ice
Grid System The imaginary network of latitude and longitude lines that indicate a place's exact location
Scale Compares a unit of length on the map to a unit of distance on earth
Legend/Key List and explain the symbols and colors used on a map
Strait A narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water
Island A body of land completely surrounded by water
Satellite Image A photograph taken from a satellite
Thematic Maps Maps that focus on a specific topic. Examples are climate, vegetation, natural resouce, population density, economic activity, etc.