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Social studies colonies

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Who were the Jamestown leaders? John Smith- work or starve. John Rolfe-tobacco money
What were the Jamestown native Americans interaction? 1) Traded with the Powhantan. 2) As the plantations grew they took more N.A land 3) Powhantan attack killed 350
What were Jamestown lifestyle? Very difficult they weren't prepared. Starving time many people died of diseases and starvation Constant threat of native Americans attack and death
Locations/ Dates Jamestown, Virginia . 1607.
Resources Tobacco
Reason colony was established Gold
Plymouth colony leaders They had no leaders
Plymouth n.a interactions 1) Squanto taught them how to crow corn, how to fish, and how to survive. 2) Thanksgiving
Lifestyle 1) Starving time. 2) difficult time in winter
Locations/ Dates 1620. Massachusetts
Resources Corn and native American aid
Reason for establishing colony Religious freedom/ escaping
Who were the Puritanis leaders John Winthrop- city on a hill and anti-native American
Puritan n.a interaction 1. Attack pequot fort burning hundreds the reason was God. 2. Kings Philip's war
Puritan lifestyle 1. Education was important so they could read the bible. 2. Men hunted and planted while women did mostly household chores. 3. Extremely hard workers. 4. Lives much more successful. 5. They were more prepared
Locations/Dates New England 1620-1700s
Resources People
Reason colony was established Religious purification
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