Ancient China - Glossary of Terms

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This set of flashcards contains words and meanings related to your Year 7 study of ancient China.

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CIVILISATION 8cf0d470-eeda-4836-be38-739a2f5b6636.jpg (image/jpg) Term used to describe a society that has towns, religion, culture and a complex form of government.
ISOLATED - Cut off from - Separate from - Having no contact with
DYNASTY (plural: DYNASTIES) A line of rulers from the same family, and the time period during which they ruled.
PRIMARY SOURCE 13ecc2af-6bfa-473b-88b5-96343c527600.jpg (image/jpg) A source that was created at the time / in the time being investigated, e.g.: - bones, skeletons, items found in tombs - art : paintings, mosaics, sculptures - pottery, tools, weapons - household utensils, toys - letters, diaries, photographs
BARBARIANS Term used by the Chinese to describe anyone who was not Chinese or who lived outside Chinese borders.
BUREAUCRAT Government Officials.
CONSCRIPTED Forced to become a soldier.
INFANTRY Soldiers marching or fighting on foot.
ARTISAN A worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hands.
MERCHANT A person or company, especially one that is involved with foreign countries.
ARMOURER A maker or supplier of weapons or armour.
GENTRY People that are positioned in a high social position.
SCHOLAR A person that is associated in a particular area of study, especially Humanities.
NOMADIC Living the life of a nomad. A nomad is a group of people that do not have a permanent place to stay, they wander around from destination to destination and live in a certain place for a small amount of time.
Perspective A personal opinion or point of view.
Interpretation The action of explaining the meaning of something.
Propaganda Information of a biased or misleading nature.
Bias Against one person, or a group of people's opinions or information.