KET speaking Preparation.

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Speaking practice

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How do you get to school? By... (transport you use) I travel with... I leave my house at.... I like / don´t like...that..
What do you usually do on the weekend? I usually... I go... I visit... I go with.... I eat with...
What is your favorite sport? I don´t really ....I like.... more I love.... I practice it (where) Since ( when)
Describe you best friend Her name is... She is .... years old... He/she is .... (physical description) She is ...(personality adjectives)
Which is your favorite subject (class in school) It is...... because.... easy? interesting? I am good at it. Challenging? Related to your future profession?
Who is your favorite singer? Is... She/He is....(qualities of their art)
Who is your favorite actor/actress? Is.... she/he is the movie/series/show... I like her/him because she/he is...
What´s your favorite band? My favorite band is ... my favorite song is talks about... I don´t really have a favorite
What is your name? Your first name only
What is your SURNAME? SURNAME IS your last name Gonzalez Ramirez
How do you spell it (your surname)? Spell your surname....
What did you eat for breakfast today? Do not say.... torta and atole! (aunque sea cierto!) Say something in English or describe what you are saying.
Describe your country Mexico is... Mexico has... I think.. I enjoy....
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