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When writing your journal what are the 5 things to remember? 1.Copy the directions for each step into your journal. 2. Be spontaneous 3.Be honest 4.Be creative 5.Dive deep
Choices of Successful Students 1. accept personal responsibility 2. discover self-motivation 3. master self-management 4. employ interdependence 5. gain self- awareness 6. adopt lifelong learning 7. develop emotional intelligence 8. believe in themselves
C.O.R.E Collect, Organize, Rehearse, Evaluate
Creator Mindset Believing that their choices create the outcomes and experiences of their lives.
Victim Believing that external forces determines the outcomes and experiences of their lives.
Wise choice process What's my present situation? How would I like my situation to be? What are my possible choices? What's the likely outcome of each possible choice? Which choices will I commit to doing? When and How will I Evaluate my plan?
V x E= M Value x Expectation = Motivation
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