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A revision guide on Air and pollution

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Science GCSE Air Quality End
What is Air made up of ? Oxygen - 21% Nitrogen - 78% Other gases - 1% Oxygen - 21% Nitrogen - 78% Other gases - 1% CO2 - 0.03%
What is the product of 2H2 + 02 The product is 2H20 The number of atoms is the small number after the symbol. The number of compounds is the big number before the symbol.
Main Air Pollutants Some of the main air pollutants are -Carbon Dioxide -Sulfur Dioxide -Nitrogen Monoxide We measure the concentration of an air pollutant in PPB (parts per billion)
Carbon Dioxide Blocks the Suns rays from escaping the atmosphere, causing the earth to heat up. The amount of co2 is increasing as a result of various human activities such as factory production. We can reduce the amount of co2 we give out by using more renewable energy and using more low emission fuels.
Sulfur Dioxide Sulfur Dioxide creates acid rain, acid rain is evident when you see stone buildings crumbling away. The acid rain has slowly dissolved tiny parts of the building. Fossil fuels often contain impurities like sulfur, when the fuel is burnt the sulfur reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce sulfur dioxide. We can reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide by using less fossil fuels or low sulfur fuels.
Correlation Questions When answering a correlation question you compare the Y axis with the X. For example the correlation shown by this graph is - The higher a person is the more they weigh.
Outliers An Outlier in a set of data is a piece of data that is far bigger or smaller than the rest of the data. For Example - If we had 12, 13, 11, 10, 22, The outlier would be 22 because it is far bigger than the rest of the numbers.
Keywords - Conservation of mass - Incomplete combustion - Carbon particulates
Conservation of mass Conservation of mass is the principle that mass is never gained or lost in a chemical reaction.
Incomplete combustion Incomplete combustion is when a fuel is burned without a sufficient supply of oxygen, therefore CO is produced rather than CO2.
Carbon particulates Carbon particulates are tiny particles of solid carbon they are evident in the surroundings for example when you see a black dirty building. The building has become like this because Carbon particulates from car exhausts and factories have stuck to it.
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