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A mind map on respiration for GCSE Biology students (the B2 module).

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1 Aerobic
1.1 Needs oxygen!
1.2 glucose + oxygen > carbon dioxide and water
1.3 Happens all the time in plants and animals.
1.4 Most reactions in aerobic respiration happen inside the mitochondria of a cell.
1.5 Releases large amounts of energy in cells by the breakdown of food substances.
2 Anaerobic
2.1 DOESN'T need oxygen!
2.2 Releases small amounts of energy in cells by the breakdown of food substances
2.3 Happens in muscles during hard exercise: glucose > lactic acid
2.4 Glucose isn't completely broken down so less energy is released.
2.5 Build-up of lactic acid = oxidised to CO2 and water later
2.6 This causes 'oxygen debt' which has to be repaid later. This is why we keep breathing deeply after exercise.
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