Sleepy Hollow Vocabulary Part2 2 - 20-39

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Sleepy Hollow Vocabulary Part 2 - 20-39 Paulo Scapol Barbosa A01209671
Drowsy tired and ready to fall asleep
Sheltered providing protection from bad weather
Bosom safe and comfortable place or situation
Beehive nest for bees
Appalling very bad in a way that causes fear, shock, or disgust
Burden something heavy that is carried
Whip long, thin piece of leather or similar material that is attached to a handle and that is used for hitting a person as punishment or to hit an animal (such as a horse) to make it move faster
Inflict cause someone to experience or be affected by something unpleasant or harmful
Tough physically and emotionally strong
Diminish to become or to cause (something) to become less in size
Handkerchief small cloth used for wiping your face, nose, or eyes
Mend make (something broken or damaged) usable again
Rule have control and power over a country, area, group
Gossip information about the behavior and personal lives of other people
Witchcraft magical things that are done by witches
Tale story about imaginary events : an exciting or dramatic story
Dismiss send (someone) away
Dusk time when day changes into night and the sky begins to get darker
Dreary causing unhappiness or sad feelings
Sew make or repair something (such as a piece of clothing) by using a needle and thread
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