An Inspector calls Themes


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An Inspector calls Themes
  1. responsiblity
    1. I final speech, make them aware of "millions of Eva Smiths"
      1. Mr B - intrests of business are more important than workers rights
        1. Mrs B her prejudice is so ingrained cant be changed
          1. E - understands too late that his actions were responsible for Eva
            1. S- improves her attitude and has matured
            2. class
              1. class influences the Birlings behaviour and cause them to treat people differently
                1. upper class had limited sense of social repsonsibilites
                  1. it was easier to ignore stuff than deal with them e.g womanising, alcoholism
                  2. inspector - if class system doesn't change -> war
                    1. Mr B
                      1. married his social superioa
                        1. uses G to promote his class
                        2. ruin his chance of getting a knitehood
                        3. Mrs B
                          1. Women's charity organisation - does it for the social status
                          2. play shows how Priestley saw society
                            1. class clouds peoples judgments and they should be judged on what they do not what class they happen to be in
                          3. Secrecy
                            1. pretend to be a perfect family
                              1. until someone is brave enough to challenge
                              2. love/sex
                                1. B sees marriage as a business deal
                                  1. men were allowed mistress
                                    1. marrying a social class up = FAB
                                    2. generation diffrence
                                      1. S+A are traditional - don't like their authority being challenged
                                        1. S+E can learn their lesson, there's a chance for an equal society in future
                                        2. capitalist/ socialist
                                          1. Capitalist - Birlings
                                            1. criticises socialist writers
                                            2. socialist - inspector and JBP
                                              1. inspector is JBP mouth piece of his views
                                                1. wants to spread awareness od social responisbility
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