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Protons carry a postitive charge number of protons called Atomic Number located in the necleus
Neutrons carry a neutral charge located in the necleus
Electrons carry negitive charge located and move around necleus
Nucleus very small center or core of atom scientest use models to describe atoms b/c they are so small
Groups/Families vertical columns of the table there are 18 of them
Periods horizontal rows of the table. there are 7
Group 1 location of the alkali metals that are extrmely reactive
Noble Gases group of elemants that do not form compounds well at all
Mendeleev "Father" of the periodic table
Atomic Mass mendeleev organized the table by arranging elemants in order of this
Decreases Chemical reactivity does this from left to right on the table (metals)
Properties elements of the same group have similar .....
Synthetic elemants higher than #92 (urainium) are _____ or made by crashing nuclear partices together.
Particle accelerator powerful machinces used to make synthetic elements
order of elements. (Metalliods, Non metals, Alkali, Alkali earth, transitions.) Alkali, Alkali earth, Transitions, Mealliods, Non metals.
Malleable Able to be hammered into flat sheets or shapes.
Ductile able to be pulled out into a long wire.
Conductivity able to transfer heat or electricity
Reactivity able to combine with other elements to form conpounds
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