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Common objections and how to overcome them
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Just tell me what your markup is. Can you tell me your workers comp code? I simply need more data to provide you the most accurate price and try to save you as much as I can.
How much is it going to cost? Do you want the cadillac or the corolla? Are you okay with it taking a bit longer to find the perfect candidate or do you just need someone with this skillset ASAP?
We don't use staffing/we are fully staffed. What do you think about replacing your bottom 10% of performers? - What do you do if someone goes on maternity leave or gets injured? We can find you someone to replace them in 24 hours.
We already work with X staffing company. Who is it? What areas are they working on for you? How long have you been working with them? How has the quality of workers been?
Too Expensive What is included in the price you pay (competitor)? How much have you already invested in recruiting? What is more important, quality or quantity?
Hiring done through corporate Who did you interview with? Who hired you? If a new employee starts tomorrow, is there a chance someone here has met them before their starting date?
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