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What ion's concentration gradient is responsible for maintaining resting membrane potential potassium
animal without a respiratory system jelly fish, hydra, anything with a wall less than a mm wide
space inside hydra Gastrovascular cavity (body cavity)
what are the three components neccessary for most excretory systems filtration reabsorption secretion
what excretory system does not utilize filtration? maphesian tubules of insects. all removal of waste and ions is through active transport
annelids have ____type of excretory system metanephrydia
Nephron Basic functional unit of the kidney.
Nephritis inflammation of the nephron.
bowman's capsule where all filtration of the blood occurs (nephron)
PCT (Proximal Convoluted Tubule) twisty tubule close to the bowman's capsule (connected) In cortex of kidney
Loop of Henle In the medulla. 2 parts: descending and ascending limbs
DCT Distil Convoluted Tubule in cortex. far from bowman's capsule, connects to ascending limb of Loop of Henle, and to the collecting duct
vasa recta absolutely straight capillaries that run along and across the Loop of Henle. part of the peri-tubular capillaries.
Peri-tubular capillaries capillaries that run all along and across the tubule running from the bowman's capsule
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) rate of filtrate production. the amount of blood filtered per unit time (min).
Acedosis When your blood pH drops too low
Acidosis (compensatory mechanisms increased respiration secretion of hydrogen ions (instead of potassium) re-absorbtion of bicarbonate
urea how we get rid of nitrogenous waste. we convert ammonia into this
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