Plant Structure and Photosynthesis

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Created by Evangeline Taylor over 5 years ago
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Plant Structure and Photosynthesis
1 Plants are made up of:
1.1 Organs
1.2 Stems
1.3 Roots
1.4 Leaves
1.4.1 For example, Leaves are made up of: Mesophyll Tissues Where Photosynthesis in the plant occurs Xylem and Phloem Transports Water, Mineral ions and Sucrose around the plant Epidermal Tissues Covers the whole plant
1.5 Plants Cell are organised into tissues and organ too
2 This is the equation for Photosynthesis
3 Photosynthesis
3.1 Photosynthesis produces Glucose for the plant to feed
3.1.1 Produces Glucose using Sunlight
3.2 Happens inside the choroplasts
3.2.1 Contains green substance, Chlorophyll, which absorbs Sunligh Uses the energy to convert Carbon dioxde (from the air) and Water (from the soil) into Glucose Oxygen is an by-product
3.3 Happen in the leaves of all green plants
3.3.1 This is the main job for the leaves to do
4 A cross-section of a leaf