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What is the nucleus ? The nucleus controls the cell
What is the cytoplasm ? A jelly like substance where the chemical reactions for life happen
What is the function of the cell membrane ? it controls what goes in and out of the cell
What is the function of the cell wall ? It provides support for the cell
Where in the cell does photosynthesis happen? chloroplasts
what is the green pigment pound in chloroplasts ? chlorophyll
What happens in the mitochondria in the cell ? respiration
What is a vacuole ? it contains cell sap and provides support to plant cells
what is a unicellular organism ? An organism made up of just one cell
give 2 examples of unicellular organisms Amoeba euglena
How are amoeba adapted to living in water ? The have a contractile vacuole to remove excess water
Give some adaptations of euglena the contain chloroplasts they have a flagella to swim with
State how cells are organised in multicellular organisms cells tissues organs organ systems organism
what are tissues ? a group of similar cells all working for the same purpose
what is an organ? a group of different tissues working together for the same purpose
what is an organ system? a group of organs all working together for the same purpose
what is an organism ? a group of organ systems working together to keep the organism alive
how are red blood cells adapted to transport oxygen ? They have a biconcave shape to increase their surface area and no nucleus to fit in more oxygen
how are sperm adapted to fertilise the cell ? they have a flagella (tail) to swim towards the egg
How is the egg cell adapted to be fertilized by sperm ? It is very large to provide a large target for the sperm to hit
how are root hair cells adapted to absorb water from the soil ? it has a very large surface area
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