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A set of flashcards for learners to test their knowledge and understand of the short story A Hero for Paper 2 of the Edexcel Level 1/2 Certificate in English Language.

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Where is A Hero set? The fictional southern Indian town of Malgudi
Who is the main character in A Hero? Swami. He is a young boy, a semi-autobiographical portrait of the author himself.
What do Swami and his father disagree about? Where Swami should be sleeping.
Why does Swami's father want him to sleep somewhere different? He thinks it is babyish and shameful for Swami to sleep in with his Granny
Does Swami agree to sleep elsewhere? Yes but only after trying to negotiate his way out of it!
Where does Swami have to sleep? alone on a bench in his father's office.
What does Swami's father want Swami to prove? That he isn't a coward.
What happens whilst Swami is sleeping in the office? A burglar breaks in.
True or false? Swami is afraid. True. He is afraid of the dark, of being alone and above all of the intruder who he thinks is the devil.
What does Swami do when he realises there is an intruder? He reaches out and bites the intruder's leg
What is the reaction to Swami's actions? He is treated like a hero by the community.
What makes this story funny? The use of irony. Swami's father wanted his son to prove he was not a coward. Swami is hailed as a hero for catching the intruder but he only caught him because he acted out of fear.
Why is the story called 'A Hero'? What makes a hero is an idea that Narayan explores throughout this text. Swami and his father and the community ahve very different ideas of what makes a hero and Swami is an accidental hero.
What is the symbolism of this story in relation to India? It can bee seen to represent India's struggle for independence from the patriarchal and domineering Raj.
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