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What are the 7 terrestrial biomes? 1. Tundra (cold, treeless) 2. Taiga ( pine, spruces, larches, coniferous forests) 3. Chapperal (grassland, dry and hot) 4. Rainforest 5. Desert 6. Savanna 7. Temperate Forest
What is an ecosystem? A community of populations of different species of organisms together with the physical environment on which they depend and with which they interact
What is a habitat? The place where an organism lives. Provides/includes food, shelter, moisture, temperature)
What is an ecological niche? The entirety of environmental factors that tend to suit and allow an animal or plant species to survive in its habitat.
How do we classify an ecosystem? Can be classified based on their biotic and/or abiotic factors
What are the 4 ecosystem relationships that occur? 1. Predation (predator/prey) 2. Cooperation (teamwork) 3. Competition 4. Symbiosis - Mutualism (both benefit) - Comensalism (one benefits, other unaffected) -parasitism (one benefits, other affected)
What is the earth's initial form of energy? The sun
How do producers transform the initial energy? Producers (such as trees and algae (autotrophs)) transform the sunlight into chemical energy through photosynthesis.
What is the 10% rule? No organism ever gets all the energy from the organism they just ate. Only 10% of the energy is transferred.
Where does the other 90% of energy go? Lost through... - growth and repair - reproduction -chemical work in the kidney, liver, nerve impulses -mechanical work - temperature maintianence
What are the trophic levels that the energy moves to/from?
What is a food chain? The energy flow from one trophic level to another.It involves one organism at each tropic level.
What is a food web? The energy flow when an organism eats more than on other organism.
What is primary productivity? s
What is an ecological pyramid? Shows the relationship between consumers and producers at different trophic levels. Shows relative amounts of energy or matter contained at each tropic level
What is BIOMASS? Total dry mass of organisms at each stage in the food chain.
What the difference between an ecological, fundamental and realised niche? Ecological: organisms habitat and the way it fulfills it's role in the ecosystem Fundamental: potential region the organism would inhabit if there was no competition, predators or parasites Realised: actual niche the species inhabits
What is the competitive exclusion principle? The theory that no two species can occupy the same niche for an extended amount of time.
Carbon Cycle * refer to picture in book
Nitrogen cycle * refer to picture in book
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