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What makes up a nucleus? Nuclear pores Nuclear envelope Chromatin Nucleolus Nucleoplasm
What are nuclear pores? holes in the nuclear envelope that allow exchange between the nucleus and cytoplasm
What is the nuclear envelope? the double membrane surrounding the nucleus
What are chromatin? loose form of DNA when the cell is not dividing
What is the nucleolus? A small spherical and dense body within the nucleoplasm produces rRNA used to make ribosomes
What is the nuclearplasm? The jelly like material making up most of the nucleus
What is the function of mitochondria? To perform cellular respiration
What is the matrix in the mitochondria? the interior solution containing enzymes of respiration
What is the cristae in the mitochondria? The highly folded inner membrane -has a large surface area
What are the function of ribosomes? To make proteins
What is the function of rough ER? Protein synthesis and transport
What is the function of smooth ER? Lipid, steroid and carbohydrate synthesis storage and transport
What is the function of he Golgi apparatus? to collect and modify compounds and transport them to were they need to go
What are lyosomes and what are there function? Vesicles which contain digestive enzymes and are used to destroy old or surplus organelles
What are vacuoles? Membrane-bound sacs containing water or a dilute solution of salts and other solutes
What is the structure of chloroplasts? Chloroplast contain folds in the thylakoid membrane which are folded into thylakoid disks which are stacked into piles called granan. These contain chlorophyll and are the site of photosynthesis and ATP synthesis
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