Chapter 1

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chapter 1, Vocabulary

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student alumno(a)
hardworking ambicioso(a)
American americano(a)
friend amigo(a)/ compañero
short/low bajo(a)
enough/rather bastante
Who? Quién
Where dónde?
how?, what? dónde?
tall alto(a)
who? quién
to where? adónde?
beautiful/pretty bonito(a)
good bueno(a)
each/every cada
school/high school colegio/escuela
Colombian colombiano(a)
funny cómico(a) gracioso(a)
like/as/since como
by no means/ not at all de ninguna manera
the el/la los/las
a/an un/una unos/unas
she ella
he él
famous famoso(a)
fantastic fantástico(a)
ugly feo(a)
thin/skinny flaco(a)
generous generoso(a)
fat gordo(a)
funny gracioso(a)
handsome guapo(a)
honest honesto(a)
dark/brunette moreno(a)
girl muchacha
boy muchacho
nationality nacionalidad
sincere sincero(a)
timido/shy tímido(a)
I yo
blonde rubio(a)
quiet bastante
person persona
what nationality? De qué nacionalidad?
right? no?
very muy
athletic deportista
distracted distraído(a)
lazy perezoso(a)
marvelous maravilloso(a)
mysterious misterioso(a)
strong fuerte
boring aburrido(a)
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