Biology (level 0)


Assignment for Mr. Fisher's class (level 0)
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Biology (level 0)
  1. Science Methodology
    1. Observing and Asking Questions
      1. Inferring and Forming a Hypothesis
        1. Designing Controlled Experiments
          1. Collecting and Analyzing Data
            1. Drawing Conclusions
    2. Scientific Laws/Theories
      1. Theory
        1. well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations and hypotheses
          1. Example: Evolution Theory
            1. Example: Big Bang Theory
          2. Law
            1. a statement based on repeated experimental observations that describes some aspect of the universe
              1. Example: Newton's Law of Motion
                1. Example: Gravity
            2. Science and Society
              1. Science involves understanding its context in society
                1. Address Societal issues
                  1. Develop Technology
                    1. Build Knowledge
                      1. Inform Policy
                        1. Solve Everyday Problems
                          1. Satisfy Curiosity
                        2. Characteristics of Living Things
                          1. Made up of cells
                            1. Obtain and use materials and energy
                              1. Reproduce
                                1. Respond to enviroment
                                  1. maintain a stable internal enviroment
                                    1. Change over time
                                    2. Big Ideas in Biology
                                      1. Cellular Basis of Life
                                        1. Information and Heredity
                                          1. Matter and Energy
                                            1. Growth, Development, and Reproduction
                                              1. Homeostasis
                                                1. Evolution
                                                  1. Structure and Function
                                                    1. Unity and Diveristy
                                                      1. Interdependence in Nature
                                                        1. Science as a Way of Knowing
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