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Quantum Mechanical Model

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What was inadequate about Rutherford’s atomic model? Could not explain the chemical properties of elements.
What was the new proposal in the Bohr model of the atom? He proposed than electrons are found in orbits around the nucleus.
What does the QMM determine? The energies an electron may have and the various locations around the nucleus.
How do two sublevels of the same energy level are different from each other? Each sublevel represent an orbital of different shape.
How can electrons in an atom move from one energy level to another? An electron must gain or lose the right amount of energy.
Quantized electrons The amount of energy an electron took to move from one energy level to another.
What is a quantum? A quantum of energy is the amount of energy required to move an electron from one energy level to another.
Electron cloud The cloud is more dense where the probability to find the electron is higher. The cloud is less dense when the probability is lower
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