Eloquent JavaScript I

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This material is to enforced the learning from the "Eloquent JavaScript" book content

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the \ operator shows that the following character has a special meaning
% is the remainder operator
shortcuts for modifying counter variables
tenary/conditional operator switches between two values depending on boolean
test if something is equal vs preciesly equal (w/o type conversion)
as single var statement may define multiple variables the definitions must be separated by commas.
A function definition is just a regular variable definition where the value given to the variable happens to be a function
functions can use global and local variables local variables are declared with var & global without
function variables can be assigned to new values/functions. just like a regular varible:
the function keyword can also be used at the start of a statement:
function declarations are not part of the top-to-bottom flow of control:
the function call ends with the encounter of the first return command!
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