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Clinical Governance


Explores the role of Clinical Governance
Kirsty Jayne Buckley
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What is clinical governance? a framework which helps all clinicians including nurses to continually safeguard and improve standards of care
Name 2 major documents involved in clinical governance NMC Code of Conduct (2015) Kennedy Report (Bristol Royal Infirmary deaths in children's cardiac surgery) (1984-1993)
What are the 4 aims of clinical governance and the overlying message? providing the right care to patients by the right staff in the right way at the right time and always aiming to provide the best service
Can you name any of the 7 pillars?
Can you name the main document that supports clinical practice and patient focus? Fundamentals of Care (2003)
What is the main message from the NMC 2015 that impacts Clinical governance? You put the interests of people using or needing nursing or midwifery services first.
How can we ensure staff practice high quality care? Revalidation/personal development Supporting Whistle blowing
What else is the focus of CG? Information sharing - effective record keeping, adhering to Caldicott and Freedom of Information act Keep clear records
What are the 6 components of Quality? Access Relevance to need Effectiveness Equity Acceptability Efficiency
Name 3 activities that lead to QI and 3 documents used for high quality care. Risk assessment Audit Clinical leadership NICE, NSF, local policy
Do we have an organisation to help deliver better care? Yes; 1000 lives and 1000 lives +
What is the aim of clinical governance? The aim is to raise awareness of improvement
Can you name 3 things students can do to help with CG? Listen to Patients Work as a team Measurement – not all changes are improvements
What 2 things should 1st year students focus on? Managing patient information Patient focus
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