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before and during roman times, alevandria , 7 ancient wonders of the world, Boudica, and roman baths

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what happened in 55 BC? Julius Caesar raids south England, after conquering Gaul and Caesar crossed the channel with 2 legions.
what happened in 54 BC? Caesar launched a full-scale invasion of England and invaded Britain for the second time with 5 legions.
what happened in 52 BC? Commius ruler of Gaulish Atrebates tribe, fled Gaul and became king of the Atrebates tribe.
what happened in 50 BC? A very large settlement know as 'oppida' emerged.
what happened in 20 BC? Romans influence grows in southern Britain.
what happened in 27 BC? 1.Roman emperor Augustus plans the invasion of Britain. 2.relations between Rome and Britain remained good for two generations 3.Augustus defeated the last civil war rivals in 31 BC, he plans to invade Britain.
which famous Greek king chose the site for Alexandria, and when did he come to Egypt? the famous Greek king is called Alexander the Great and came to Egypt in 331 BC.
What four qualities made the small fishing village west of the Nile a suitable site for the building of Alexandria? the excellent agricultural land,good anchorage, healthy climate,fresh water and limestone quarries nearby.
Which ruler succeeded Alexander after his death and what has his role been previously? Ptolemy succeeded Alexandria and his job previously was his general.
Why was the location of Alexandria so significant? it stood at the meeting place of great trade routes.
Name three luxury goods and three examples of raw material that were bought and sold in the city. luxury goods- clothes, cotton, cinnamon raw material - gold , silver, iron
what was the significance of the island of Pharos and what could be found on it? It had a lighthouse on it which acted as a marker for thousands o ships.
name two major public buildings in Alexandria and describe exactly what their function was. the Royal Harbor which was by the Caesareum.
explain what sometimes caused conflict in Alexandria? conflict sometimes maintained because the other races of the city became jealous because the Greeks were in charge.
Name the 7 ancient wonders of the world. 1 Great pyramid Giza 2 Hanging Gardens of Babylon 3 statue of Zeus at Olympia 4 Temple of Artemis at Ephesus 5 Mausoleum at Halicarnassus 6 colossus of Rhodes 7 Pharos at Alexandria
story line of Romans in Britain and Boudicca go to 2nd of November in book
name three POSITIVES about Boudica. 1 Was a dangerous and fascinating woman 2 she risked her life for the public 3 she did not stand for what the roman were doing to her and her family
every roman would go to the baths to get cleaned but what are the other reasons to go to the baths. 1 to get healed by the goddess Minerva 2 to relax in spring waters 3 to have fun
what degrees are the baths 46-49 degrees centigrade
what chemicals are in the waters calcium, magnesium and sodium
what is Sulis Minerva goddess of? She is the roman goddess of healing, wisdom and arts.
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