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What does is meant by the term software. Programs that can run on a computer.
What is a single user operating system? An OS that can manage one user at a time.
What is a multi-user operating system? An OS that can manage multiple users at once.
What is custom writen software? Software written for a specific purpose.
What is open source software? Software that has a source code that is available to change and redistribute.
What is proprietary software? A piece of software that is owned by an individual or company (usually the one who created it.)
Advantages of off-the-shelf software? Has a general set of features for a broad range of users. Also relatively cheap and mostly free from bugs.
Disadvantages of off-the-shelf software? The user cannot modify the source code as it is inaccessible. They normally come with many features that are not needed which gives a larger file size.
What are 2 functions of an operating system? Any from: Scheduling Memory management Allocation of resources Keeping track of usage Data/User Security System services Manage hardware Handle network comms
Description of an antivirus? A program that searches for (and quarantines/removes) viruses on your computer by comparing them to its database.
Description of disk defragmentation? Relocates program files that have been fragmented throughout the computer over time.
Description of system clean-up? Removes dead shortcuts, temporary files and old installation files.
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