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arrastrar (por el suelo y con esfuerzo) DRAG [dr(u)ág] Cynthia dragged the large chair into the room.
retoño (árbol joven) SAPLING [sápling] The saplings in my backyard are growing quickly.
empalmar {vb} / empalme {n} SPLICE (sth to sth) [sspláiss] The wires were spliced to generate a splice.
rugoso / áspero ROUGH [r(u)óf] The winter makes my lips rough and dry. - rough sea (sea in bad weather when the waves are big) - rough estimate (approximate calculation) - rough-and-ready (not perfectly finished, but able to be used)
grifo TAP {n} [táp] Laura switched the tap on and poured himself a pint of beer - tap water (agua del grifo) - on tap (de barril, ej: cuando pides una cerveza en un bar (beer on tap))
pulsar / teclear // golpear suavemente / tamborilear TAP {vb} [táp] Jessica tapped the door before going on. - tap dance (claqué)
zapatillas de estar por casa SLIPPERS [sslíperss] It is known her dad loves wearing a pair of comfortable slippers while he is at home. - ballet slippers/shoe
basura (en la calle) LITTER [líter] After the concert, the whole park was full of litter. - litter tray (container) - litter bin (pequeñas papeleras en lugares públicos)
palillo / mondadientes TOOTHPICK [túzpik] Every table had salt and pepper and a glass with toothpicks.
gotear {vb} / goteo {n} DRIP [dr(u)íp] The tap is dropping; I think the washer needs replacing. A drip hung from the tap for a moment before splashing into the sink.
pasar un trapo {vb} / pasada con un trapo {n} WIPE [guáip] Mark wipes the kitchen worktop. Susan gave the kitchen worktop a wipe.
tornillo SCREW [skrúu] Screws have a better holding power than nails.
cerrar con pestillo {vb} / pestillo {n} BOLT [bóultz] Remember to bolt the door at night. This apartment has many safety features, including an intercom system and a bolt on the door.
atornillar SCREW {vb} [scrúu] He screwed the bookshelves to the wall. - screwdriver (destornillador)
desatornillar UNSCREW [anskrúu] To replace the mirror, unscrew it and screw a new one to the articulation on the end of the lifter. - screwdriver (destornillador)
desenroscar LOOSEN / UNSCREW [lúusen]/[anskrúu] They loosened/unscrewed the lid.
a esta hora / ya ej: Los invitados (ya) deberían haber llegado ya. BY NOW [báai náau] My guests should have arrived by now.
declarado / manifestado STATED [sstéitid] "I'm not like him" Alex stated firmly. - stated capital / stated value
a la hora de (hora literal) ej: a la hora de comer WHEN THE TIME COMES TO / WHEN IT'S TIME TO Everyone sits at the table when the time comes to eat.
a la hora de + {vb} ej: A la hora de analizar los resultados WHEN IT COMES TO (-ING) When it comes to analyzing the results, ...
atascarse {vb} / atascado {adj} GET STUCK / STUCK [sták] He got stuck in the sand and didn't know how to get his car out. The car was stuck and couldn't be moved.
en nombre de SAKE [séik] For the sake of fairness, let's all take turns.
que tiene más oportunidades de ganar (the) ODDS-ON (favourite) [ots-ón] This horse is the odds-on favourite to win the race.
gota DROP {n} [dr(u)óp] I asked Sam if he'd like some brandy, and he replied "Just a drop, please." - raindrop (gota de lluvia)
matrícula (vehículo) NUMBER PLATE / NUMBERPLATE [námba pléit] You must be able to read a numberplate at 20 metres to pass the eyesight check.
matrícula (de estudios) ENROLMENT [enróulment] Course enrolment can now be done online.
matrícula (nota de examen/carrera) OUTSTANDING / DISTINCTION [autstánding] / [distincxion] Emy passed History exam with outstanding grade. I completed the first part of the doctoral program with special distinction.
portero de discoteca BOUNCER [báunsa] They were expelled from the nightclub by the bouncer.
conserje (alguien que se dedica a limpiar y mantener un edificio) CARETAKER [quérteika] He works as a college caretaker.
corredor de apuestas (alguien quien "apunta" apuestas) BOOKMAKER [búkmeika] The bookmakers are not doing good business on this fight; everyone expects the champ to lose, so no one is betting.
masajista (hombre) MASSEUR [masúu] Free massages will be provided by 120 masseurs.
masajista (mujer) MASSEUSE [masúus] If you are a masseuse, your massage oils might come from Indonesia.
abogado especializado en demandas judiciales (litigation) y en incidencias políticas (advocacy). (A lawyer who may speak in the higher courts) BARRISTER [bár(r)ista] Barristers wear wigs in court, just like judges.
agente inmobiliario estate agent [estéit éigent] If you want to be an estate agent, you should first do a course on how to sell property.
autónomo SELF-EMPLOYED / FREELANCE [self-implóid] / [frílanss] Mike worked as a freelance journalist. She loved being self employed because she was her own boss and could work from home.
cajero (persona) CASHIER {n} [caxié] Anna worked as a cashier part-time during high school.
basurero (persona) DUSTMAN [dóstman] John was working as a dustman when he was in Scotland.
enterrador / director de funeraria UNDERTAKER [ándetéika] The local undertaker did the funeral arrangements.
camarero (cafetería) BARISTA [barísta] Before she designed clothing, Marissa worked as a barista.
albañil / paleta (de ladrillos) BRICKLAYER [bríkléya] The bricklayer mixed the mortar and spread it over the bricks.
despiadado / sin escrúpulos {adj} / crueldad {n} RUTHLESS / RUTHLESSNESS [rúzless] / [rúzlessness] He is known as a fierce and ruthless executive within his film production company. the real-world ruthlessness of business.
aprobar por los pelos SCRAPE THROUGH [sskréip zrúu] He scraped through the entrance exam.
beca SCHOLARSHIP [sskólaship] James's family isn't rich; he's able to attend that school because he receives a scholarship.
poco entusiasta (que no pone todo su empeño/corazón en hacer algo) HALF-HEARTED [jáf-jártit] The Commission's proposal on forestry strategy, which we are currently examining, seems to me to be slightly half-hearted.
duro TOUGH [táf] The steak was too tough.
tomarse algo con calma take sth in one's stride [sstráid] Tim took the news of his redundancy in his stride; he had some savings and thought it might be a good opportunity to set up his own business.
hacer algo sin pestañear (sin ningún esfuerzo) take sth in one's stride [sstráid]
prever / anticipar FORESEE [fóosii] He could foresee the difficulties.
estrechamente unido (familia, comunidad..) CLOSE-KNIT [klóusnit] Welsh mining villages formed close-knit communities bonded together by Religion and Rugby.
deber (de deuda) {vb} OWE [óu] Having arranged a loan to buy my house, I owe my bank a lot of money.
responder por alguien (dar la cara / hablar bien...) / poner la mano en el fuego por VOUCH FOR sb [váuchx] I can vouch for his honesty; I even trust him with the keys to my own house.
asumir / hacerse cargo de (un cargo / una culpa) {vb} TAKE sth ON [téik ón] Taking on the directorship was his first mistake.
contratar a alguien TAKE sb ON / HIRE [téik ón] / [jáya] Juan took on a secretary. The company won a contract and hired one hundred new staff.
contratar (los servicios de una empresa) CONTRACT / HIRE [cóntract] / [jáya] John hired a company to paint the house. They contracted to supply us with cable.
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