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Hypothesis Scientific Guess
Refraction Bending of a Light Ray
Biology Study of cells, or organisms
Biogenesis Production of living things from other living organisms
Endothermic Heat, Absorption during chemical reactions
Activation Energy Least amount of energy needed for a chemical reaction
Ion Charged atoms
Matter Anything with mass and takes up space
Osmosis Diffusion of water molecules, through semipermeable membrane
Hydrolosis Compound is split into other compounds when reacting with water
Transcription Genetic info on DNA used to combine strands of RNA.
Turgor Pressure When Plant cell either lack water or have too much.
Absorption Taking in and being able to retain a liquid.
Colonial Cells Individual Organisms of same species living together for a benefit
Nucleus Headquarters of a cell
Hypotonic Lower concentrated solute compared to another
Aerobic Requiring oxygen
Cellular Resperation Breaking down of food to release energy.
Fermentation Metabolic process that converts carbs into: Starches, sugars, and alcohol
Catabolism Destructive metabolism
Gene Segment of DNA resulting in a specific trait
Segregation Separation of pairs of homologous chromosomes during gamete formation
Autosomes Any chromosome other than sex, X or Y chromosome.
Sex-Linked Inherited characteristic on either the X or Y Chrom.
Pedigree Chart showing lineage of a family
Triploid Chromosome # that is 3 times haploid # which is 23.
Haploid # Half the diploid #, so 23 chromosomes
Lethal Gene A Gene mutation that can result in death
Aneuploidy Error in cell division, result is abnormal # of chroms.
Germ Mutation Heritable variation in the linage of germ cells
Gene Pool All alleles in a specific population.
Variations Differences in something
Amniocentesis Sample taken to see how well health is of a baby before birth.
Gene Expression The dominant gene in DNA that is showing
Recombinant DNA Certain genes from other dna sliced into an older strand of dna
Plasmid Circular piece of Dna, mostly in bacteria
Anthropology Study of other people
Antediluvian Term used for time before the flood
Control Group - Experimental Group- Control group does not recieve test variable. Experimental group does recieve variable
Conclusion valid results of a science experiment
Microscope Resolution Shows objects very close to see if obj. is really one or two really close to each other.
Subatomic particles in nucleus Neutrons, and protons
Acid and base combination forms Neutralization of water and salt
When does diffusion stop When equilibrium is reached
Semipermeable Liquid is able to pass through
Blood Buffers Maintain constant PH level
Two basic components of Physical Universe Matter and Energy
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