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computing hardwre

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What does CD stand for?
A HDD is an example of what type of storage? tic
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory
What does BIOS stand for? Basic Input Output System
What does virtual memory do? Virtual memory back up the main memory when it is being fully used.
What order does memory go in?
What is a central processing unit? The central processing unit (CPU) is responsible for executing programs.
What is a flash drive? A flashdrive is a storage device that lets you store data on it.
Draw your own 4 box model
What is a computer system? A computer system applies to ANY equiptment which uses computer technology.
What is an input device? Input devices is any device that lets you input data into a computer.
What is an output device? An output device allows you to output data into any system.
What is braille? A braille printer is an output device.It is made for blind people.This would h elp blind people to print off their work that they have made,especially for them to understand.
What is a colour coded keyboard? A colour coded keyboard is an input device.This would help peole with a learning difficulties etc.
Why would a colour coded keyboard help? It would help by having vowels,constanants,numbers,commandes and punctuation in different colours,this would help somebody see the differences between all the buttons on the keyboard.
What is static memory? Static Ram is random access memory that retains data
How fast can cache be accessed? cache can be accessed much faster than RAM.
What is cache memory? Cache memory is volatile.
What is cache closer to? CPU.
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