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HARDWARE The X, Y, Z cycle is used in the CPU What is X, Y and Z X - Fetch Y - Decode Z - Execute
HARDWARE What does ALU stand for Arithmetic and Logic Unit
HARDWARE What is clock speed The speed of the Fetch Decode Execute sequence, measured in Hz
HARDWARE What is Virtual memory When the computer runs out of RAM and has to allocate some of the Hard Drive to do that job
HARDWARE What is flash memory A type of ROM that can be re-written and is used as a portable medium for storing data
HARDWARE What type of truth table is this NOT
HARDWARE What type of truth table is this AND
HARDWARE What type of truth table is this OR
HARDWARE Name as many input devices as you can Mouse, Keyboard, Touch Screen, Microphone, Camera, Barcode Scanner, Scanner, Sensor, Puff-Suck Switch, Foot Mouse, Eye Typer, RFID Reader, Braille Keyboard
Hardware Name as many output devices as you can Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Speakers, Actuators, Braille Printer, 3D Printer
SOFTWARE What does System Software control The hardware
SOFTWARE What does Application software control Real-World jobs (peripherals)
SOFTWARE What does Utility software control Used to maintain computer systems
SOFTWARE What is a CLI and a GUI Command Line Interface Graphical User Interface
SOFTWARE Name types of Memory Management Multitasking Device Drivers Fragmentation Defragmentation Virtual Memory Peripherals
SOFTWARE Name types of security Privileges Authentication Encryption Firewalls Anti-Spyware
SOFTWARE Name types of software (As in linux/windows) Open Source Custom Written Off The Shelf Proprietary
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