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What are 4 components of total rewards? 1- Compensation 2- Benefits 3- Work-life programs 4- Performance and recognition
What is a point method? A job evaluation method in which a number of compensable factors are identified, the degree to which each of these factors present the job is determined, and an overall point value calculated.
What are the 4 compensable factors commonly used? 1- Skill 2- Effort 3- Responsibility 4- Working Conditions
What is a pay grade? A pay grade comprises jobs of approximately equal value or importance, as determined by the job evaluation.
What is a wage/salary survey? A good salary survey provides specific wage rates for comparable jobs. Surveys also collect date on employee benefits work-life programs, pay-for-performance plans, recognition plans, and so on.
What are pay ranges? A series of steps or levels within a pay grade, usually based on years of service.
What is a market pricing approach? They price professional jobs in the marketplace to the best of their ability to establish the values for benchmark jobs.
Chapter 12: Types of incentive plans? Individual incentive programs, Informal incentive programs.
What is the difference between a straight piecework plan and a guaranteed piecework plan? A straight piecework plan is a set of payment for each piece produced or processed in a factory or shop. A guaranteed piecework plan is a minimum hourly wage plus an incentive for each piece produced above a set number of pieces per hour.
What is an Annual Bonus? Bonuses can easily result in an increase or decrease of up to 70% or more in total pay relative to the previous year.
What are stock options? A stock option is the right purchase a specific number of shares of company stock at a specific price at some point in the future.
What is a combination Plan? A combination plans provide some of the advantages of both straight salary and straight commission plans and also some of their disadvantage.
What are Profit-Sharing Plans? In a profit-sharing plan, most or all employees receive a share of the company’s profit.
What are 4 Common Recognition Awards? 1-Certificates and/or plaques 2- Cash 3- Office Accessories 4-Gift Certificates
What are 4 Government Mandated Benefits? 1- Employment Insurance (EI) 2- Pay on termination of employment 3- Leaves of Absence 4- Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
What is a supplemental unemployment benefits SUB? An agreement between an employer and the employees for a plan that enables employees who are eligible for EI benefits to receive additional benefits to receives additional benefits from SUB fund created by the employer.
What are Reasonable Advance Notice Periods? An employee must be provided with advance written notice if the employer is going to terminate his or her employment, unless they employee is working on a short-term contract or is being fired for just a cause (such as continued poor performance, theft, or if the employee initiated the termination of employment).
Bereavement Leave? The amount of time off varies by jurisdiction and depends on the closeness of the relationship between the employee and the deceased.
What are the 3 types of benefits CPP provides? 1-Retirement Pension 2-Disability Benefits 3-Survivor Benefits
What is workers compensation? Workers’ Compensation is, in effect, a “no fault” insurance plan designed to help injured or ill workers get well and return to work.
What is critical illness insurance? It provides a lump-sum benefit to an employee who is diagnosed with and survives a life-threatening illness.
What is a deductible? The annual amount of health/dental expenses that an employee must pay before insurance benefits will be paid.
What is short-term disability and sick leave? Plans that provide pay to an employee when he or she is unable to work because of non-work-related illness or injury.
What are effective disability management programs? These include prevention, early assessment and intervention regarding employee health problems, monitoring and management of employee absences, and early and safe return-to-work policies.
How do Mental Health issues affect a company? Mental health issues continue to be the leading cause of short-term and long-term disability claims in Canada.
What are the 2 categories of Pension Plans? 1-Defined benefit pension plan 2-Defined contribution pension plan
4 treatments provided by Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs)? Mental health issues, marital/family problems, work-life balance issues, stress and legal problems.
Chapter 14 What is due diligence? Employers are responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of their workers. This is called due diligence.
What are the 3 basic rights of employees? 1-The right to know 2-The right to participate 3-The right to refuse unsafe work
What are the 3 main causes of accident in the workplace? 1-Chance occurrences 2-Unsafe conditions 3-Unsafe Acts from on part of the employees.
How are workers’ compensation costs controlled? Each firm’s workers’ compensation premiums are proportional to its workers’ compensation experience rate.
What is Ergonomics? An interdisciplinary approach that seeks to integrate and accommodate the physical needs of workers into the design of jobs. It aims to adapt the entire job system-the work, environment, machines, equipment, and processes to match human characteristics.
Chapter 15 What is Progressive Discipline? A system of progressive penalties is the second foundation of effective discipline. Penalties may range from verbal warnings, to written warnings, to suspension (paid or unpaid) from job, and finally to dismissal.
What is insubordination? A wilful disregard or disobedience of the boss’ authority or legitimate orders; criticizing the boss in public.
What is Downsizing? Refers to an intentional decision made by executives within the organization that involves a reduction of the workforce to improve efficiency or effectiveness of the organization by affecting the work process.
What is a layoff? The temporary withdrawal of employment to workers for economic or business reasons.
What are contingent employees? Employees hired with the understanding that their work is temporary and they may be laid off at any time.
What are the 3 organizational justices in fairness in employee separations? 1-Distributive justice 2-Procedural justice 3-International justice.
What is wrongful dismissal? An employee dismissal that does not comply with the law or does not comply with a written or implied contractual arrangement.
When employees are hostile and angry…. Remain objective while providing information on any outplacement or career counselling to be provided, being careful to avoid being defensive or confronting the person’s anger.
Chapter 16 - what is an Union Steward? A union member elected by workers in a particular department or area of a firm to act as their union representative.
What is a Union Organizer? Acts on employees’ behalves, who is responsible for identifying organizing opportunities and launching organization campaigns.
What is an in-house organizing committee? This committee compromises a group of employees who are dedicated to the goal of unionization, and encourages as many as many employees as possible to sign an authorization card.
What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is the process by which a formal collective agreement is established between labour and management.
What is a Memorandum of Settlement? A summary of terms and conditions agreed to by the parties that is submitted to the constituent groups for final approval.
What is a Union Recognition Clause? A union recognition clause clarifies the scope of the bargaining unit by specifying the employee classifications included therein or listing those excluded.
In the collective agreement, what is the Rand formula? The rand formula is the most popular union security arrangement. It does not require a union membership, but all members of the bargaining unit pay union dues.
What is the difference between a craft unions and industrial unions? Craft unions traditionally, a labour organization representing workers practicing the same craft or trade, such as carpentry or plumbing. A Industrial Union is a labour organization comprising all the workers eligible for union memberships in a particular company or industry, including skill trades people.
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