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Nature and Value of human life


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desrcibe dualism mind determines personality body is the shell for the 'real self' body is contingent and will end soul is not divisible and survives death the mind is immortal and considers higher realities (truth, goodness, justice)
describe materialism mind and body of a human are 'inseparable' at death, the whole person ceases to exist there is no soul no scientific evidence for soul
Aristotle said (soft materialist) soul is part of the body turns the physical form into living soul and body are inseparable soul develops character but cannot survive death believes soul and body are 'different' "the soul is just a part of the body"
Rene Descartes said (dualist) mind includes feelings and sensations that cannot be located physically mind is a substance that is to 'think' body is a material that is to 'take up space' concluded 'I think therefore I am'
St Thomas Aquinas said (dualist) soul animates body soul operates independent of body soul is not divisible therefore will not decay soul can survive death soul can retain individual identity
Richard Dawkins said (secular viewpoint) 'we are born, we die, and that's it' meaning is something personal and subjective there is no god therefore there is not purpose in the universe
John-Paul Sartre (secular viewpoint) 'no god, no human nature' "existence precedes essence" man first of all exists, encounters himself , surges up the world and defines himself afterwards determinism is an illusion goal of life is 'authenticity'
Darwin (secular viewpoint)
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