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1) What is the difference between production and business logistics? production logistics focuses on managing inventory and quality control with little emphasis on transportation, whereas business logistics focuses on ensuring a steady flow of needed materials through a network of transportation links
2) What is a supply chain? A supply chain is the sum to all of all activities involved in moving raw materials processed goods and finished products in to an organization and moving the semi processed or finished goods out of the organization towards the end consumers.
3) What is vertical integration? Provide an example? A vertical integration is a form of business organization in which a company owns the whole supply chain or a significant portion of it, from of it of raw materials to retailing. So Fishing fleet (tuna) and packaging Company (can) transported to ca canning factoring and then transported to a retail; store.
4) What is horizontal integration? Provide an example when the company expands by acquiring competitors, the expansion is called horizontal integration. One example would be when a company acquires competitors in the same industry doing the same stage of production for the creation of a monopoly
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