Physics equations

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Physics equations

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Equation for average speed average speed= distance moved/ time taken
Equation for force Force = mass x acceleration
Acceleration= acceleration= change in velocity/ time taken
Momentum = ? Momentum = mass x velocity
Density = ? Density = mass / volume
Work done = ? Work done = force x distance moved
Work done = ? Energy transferred = work done
Kinetic energy = ? kinetic energy = 1/2 x mass x speed2
GPE GPE = mass x g x height
Weight = ? Weight= mass x gravitational field strength
Pressure= ? Pressure = force/ area
The relationship between movement of a force and it's distance from the pivot movement = force x perpendicular distance from the pivot
charge = ? charge = current × time
Voltage = ? Voltage = current x resistance
electrical power= ? electrical power = voltage × current
wave speed = ? wave speed = frequency × wavelength
Relationship between voltage and turns input (primary) voltage / output(secondary)voltage = primary turns / secondary turns
Refractive index = ? n= sin i / sin r angle of incidence / refraction
Relationship between refractive index and critical angle sin c = 1 / n
Efficiency = ? efficiency = useful energy output / total energy output
Pressure difference pressure difference = height × density × g p=h×ρ×g
Input power = ? input power = output power Vp Ip = Vs Is for 100% efficiency
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