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What are the units for resistance? Ohms
What are the units for current? A
What is the definition of resistance? Resistance is the measure of how much a material prevents current from flowing through.
What is the equation for energy (J) in a circuit? E = V x Q
What is the equation for potential difference in a circuit? V = W / Q
What is the definition of a 'total voltage'? A total voltage is the voltage of all cells and barreries on a circuit added together.
What does an ammeter do? An ammeter measures the current in a circuit.
What does a voltmeter do? A voltmeter measures the voltage in a circuit.
What does covalent bonding happen between? Covalent bonding happens between 2 non-metals.
What do most ionicly bonded materials have in common? Most ionicly bonded materials can dissolve in water.
What are most covalently bonded materials not able to do? Most covalently bonded materials cannot dissolve in water.
What does 'HDPE' stand for? High-density polyethene.
What does 'LDPE' stand for? Low-density polyethene.
What type of atmosphere are LDPEs made in? In a high pressure, low oxygen, environment.
What catalyst is used to align the ethene molecules as they join in HDPE? A titanium catalyst is used.
What is a polymer made up of? A polymer is made up of lots of monomers.
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